Sedation Dentistry in Long Beach CA

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Nitrous Oxide | Oral Conscious Sedation | IV Sedation / General Anesthesia

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective option available to significantly reduce your fears, tooth pain, and overall discomfort during your dental visit. It is for mild to moderate anxiety with a proven safety record. You will not need someone to escort you from the office, as it is quick-acting with few side effects.

Under nitrous oxide you remain conscious and able to breathe on your own. A local anesthetic is required to ensure your comfort during the treatment. Nitrous oxide is administered along with oxygen through a small nose mask. This sedation option requires the ability to breathe through the nose during the treatment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral sedation utilizes sedative medication taken by mouth to help reduce anxiety during your dental visit. Oral sedation will put you at ease, however your doctor will still administer local anesthetic to provide you comfort during your treatment.

Oral sedation is effective for mild to moderate anxiety in most cases and it is safe and easy leaving you able to speak and breathe on your own. Although you will not actually be asleep, you will enjoy a heightened state of relaxation. Many times nitrous oxide can be combined with oral sedation for an enhanced effect if needed. A consultation and examination appointment is generally required. You will be asked to have an adult companion take you home following the appointment. The oral medication is administered in the office prior to the treatment and you will be monitored throughout the treatment for your comfort and safety.

IV Sedation & General Anesthetic

IV sedation and general anesthetic are both extremely effective for moderate to severe anxiety or dental pain. This option will require a consultation and examination visit prior to the treatment appointment.

This sedation option is quick-acting and the level of sedation can be adjusted during the treatment so that you remain comfortable at all times. During IV (intravenous) sedation the medications are administered into the bloodstream by a specially trained dental anesthesiologist to achieve a state of “deep conscious sedation” to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the procedure.

A local anesthetic is administered after the sedation takes effect to make certain you don’t feel any pain. Your breathing, heart rate/rhythm and blood pressure will be monitored throughout procedure. Patients generally recover quickly, although they may feel groggy immediately afterwards.

The fasting and medication usage requirements will be discussed by the dental anesthesiologist ahead of time.

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