Meet The Staff At Long Beach Endodontix

Long Beach Endodontics Team

Meet the professional and friendly staff of Long Beach Endodontix. We look forward to meeting you. Please call us with your questions, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Safa, Dr. Hutchens or Dr. Vahora in Long Beach CA: Long Beach Endodontix Office Phone Number 562-548-3630.

 Photo of Michelle, Office Manager at Long Beach EndodontixMichelle Rivas
Executive Senior Manager
 Photo of Henrietta, Deputy Office Manager at Long Beach EndodontixHenrietta T. Garcia-Lowe
Deputy Senior Manager
 Photo of Danielle, Public Relations at Long Beach EndodontixDaniella Martinez
Public Relations
 Photo: Alexis Rivera - Public Relations for Endodontics office in Pasadena CAAlexis Rivera
Marketing Director

Photo of Ruth, Dental Assistant at Long Beach Endodontix
Ruth Cabrera
Dental Assistant
 Photo of Alonso Martinez-Garcia, Program Director/Dental Assistant at Long Beach EndodontixAlonso Martinez-Garcia
Program Director – Dental Assistant
 Sterilization  TechnicianJulia Loera
Dental Assistant

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